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To make your website seen online you need to host your website on some host that is known as web hosting. Hosting servers differ according to specifications e.g disk space, bandwidth, etc. All the websites you daily visit on the internet are hosted on web hosts. There are different types of web hostings i.e Dedicated Webhosting, Shared Webhosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS Webhosting. We provide Shared Webhosting and WordPress hosting to everyone.

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Starter Automation Plan


$2.50 Setup Fee

Professional Automation


$2.50 Setup Fee

Business Automation


$2.50 Setup Fee

Domain,SSL & private DNS

If you want to buy a domain(s), SSL, or private DNS. You can contact us via required name or 5 related names incase the domain you want is already bought by someone we can use the suggested ones you provide us.

WE provide crypto domains

If you want to be part of the metaverse and want to jump in the race of future don’t worry WE are here to help you with your WEB 3.0 or crypto domains. These domains are 1-time payment-based and stay with you forever in your wallets.

If you are new in crypto WE can help you with every step from creating wallets to storing them.

Soon we will be providing web 3.0 website services .

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